Supercross Championship is an American motorcycle racing series was initiated in 1974, and till date, it is going on every year. This was founded by American Motorcyclist Foundation, and this event is held from January to May. This takes place on Natural Terrain, and it involves off-road motorcycles on a human-made dirt track which will have a lot of obstacles and steep jumps. These tracks are artificially constructed in the stadium which is easily accessible for the for the spectators.

The Organizers of the Supercross Championship awards three Supercross Championship champs every year. The capacity is 450cc, and this is known as 250cc two-stroke. This takes place in both West and East division on 250cc. Till 2006 The Supercross Racing Championship is governed by displacement of motorcycle engine which was based on two-stroke engines. From 2007 till 2012 the formula which was used is  same as INDYCAR is followed and this is with 450cc class, and this is known as Supercross and 250cc as Supercross Lites.

Some forgotten spots are in new place in this Supercross season will be back, and Field Entertainment announced the Venues and the Schedules in September 2018. There will be 17 round season which will start from 6th January 2020 and will end on 4th May 2020.

AMA Supercross 2020


4th January 2020


8.30 AM GMT


Anaheim 1

Live Stream

Watch Here


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Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2020 Live Streaming Official Channels

The official broadcast of the Supercross will take place in FOX Sports both in USA and Australia. The cable users will be able to watch the Supercross Championship 2020 live from their bedroom in FOX Sports also in another Channel RacerX which will broadcast the event. If the user does not have any cable connection then nothing to worry about as there are several streaming options for the event.

In the USA the fans can watch the racers in Supercross in Fox Sports and Australia the fans can watch the event through FS1, FS2, and ESPN. Monster Energy Supercross has an agreement with sports which will telecast the show live from the stadium as per the local timings. This is one of the most prestigious off-road motorcycle race which attracts more than 1 million live viewers in the stadium, and the digital fan base of this event is more than 10 million.

Watch Without Cable

If the Fans in the US are not able to watch the event through the cable connection, then with the help of online streaming option they can enjoy every moment of the speed in their device via Fox Sports Go app and Fox Sports website with excellent internet and with an excellent data package. Apart from this, there are other options like live pay-per-view stream which is available at and live-race.

A pay-per-view option is very lucrative as it offers a season pass to the viewers with a cost of $99.99. With this package, one will not only be able to watch the event throughout the season but also after one week. The pass is thus valid even after one week of the season.

  1. Fubo TV

Fubo Tv is specifically designed for all the sports fans out there. It covers almost all of the sports channels that are offered nationwide. The basic package of Fubo Tv starts at $45 per month and offers 75+ channels, the majority of which are from the sports genre.

There are also a number of entertainments, Shows, News and movies channels available. Fubo Tv supports all kind of devices and comes with a 7-day free trial. Also, a free DVR is included with a 30 hours storage that is complimentary.

  1. YouTube TV

Although this is a newly launched service, its popularity is no less than any other service. It is launched by Youtube/Google as the name says and offers 50+ channels in its basic package that costs around $40 a month. YouTube Tv lets you stream the FOX channel and enjoy various games, shows, and news including the AMA Supercross.

This service is rapidly expanding and offers good ways to stream various channels online. YouTube TV also comes with a 7-day free trial and is compatible with most of the devices for video streaming.

Supercross Video Pass (Fans Outside USA)

Fans outside USA and Canada will be able to watch the race throughout the season via Supercross Video Pass, and this is available from September 1st, 2018. The fans will be able to watch the event for about 240 hours in total and from any part of the world. This pass can connect to any devices.

Supercross Video Pass will give access to all 17 rounds of the race which is about 3-hour racing.  Since two third of the Supercross fans live outside the USA, the organizers are putting much effort to bring the race at their device with all behind the scenes content. In the last season more than 100 countries purchased the pass, but this year the number will surely go much higher than expected.

Raw Mini streaming Device with XBMC

Raw Mini streaming device is one which can be used with any entertainment device, and this will enable one to stream any event from any part of the country even if there is no cable connection. With the help of Raw Mini HTPC with XBMC one will be able to catch the race in Kodi Media Center and in PC which could run our Open Source device.

With the help of this device, one will be able to watch the event in Fox Sports seamlessly and with the very high quality of transmission. This device comes with a remote and works within a 30ft radius. The devices cost around $80 to $325.


Kodi is an excellent option as a live streaming device which enables one to run on all kinds of a platform like Apple, Android, Linux, and Windows. No one needs to buy any other specialized box for watching, but the Kodi is enough for streaming the channels online even without cable. is another good streaming website for watching the race, and this can be viewed on the smart TV. This website can be streamed in all kinds of devices with good internet speed and good data package.

AMA Supercross Racing Kodi addon is one of the best among any other online streaming options. One can not only watch the Supercross Live but can also watch the event later on from repository in their devices available with the Supercross fans.

Sling TV

Sling TV Ensures a seamless view of Supercross 2020 with a subscription of only $25-$35 per month. The service is also available for free for seven days only which is the trial run period to test the quality of their service.

From any part of the country the Supercross fan can use Sling TV but, in many places, this streaming option has limitations. During that time, one should use Virtual Private Network good and high-quality view of the SX event.

VPNs to watch AMA Supercross 2020 online HD

There are some countries which block many websites for the users from viewing and this is blocked based on the location which is collected from the user’s IP address. In such a situation, one can use a good and encrypted Virtual Private Network which is known as VPN. With such service, one can connect to the server of the website from any place in the world and can view the event. There are some best VPNs  to watch Supercross 2020, and they are written below:


This involves servers from at least 60 countries, and the monthly subscription is $10, quarterly is $26.99, and annual subscription is $77.99. This has the 7-day money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the quality and the service.

Express VPN

This is the most trusted VPN service, and the servers are in more than 90 countries. The monthly subscription is $12.95, the half-yearly subscription is $59.95, and annual subscription is 99.95. It has 30-days money back policy if the customer is not satisfied.

Nord VPN

One can also opt for Nord VPN which has servers in 60 countries. The monthly subscription is $11.95, Half Yearly subscription is $54, and annual subscription is 83.88 and subscription for two years is $95.75.

Free Streaming Services for Supercross 2019

Some of the free streaming services will work for AMA Supercross which allows watching without cable and will not require any viable but with the little bit of tapping to other online streaming services on a temporary basis would enable one watch the race live from the stadium or on demand. Some of the viewers will be lucky enough to watch it in proper local time live from the stadium, and some may be little later due to telecast and local time difference.

Hulu TV

With $39.99 subscription per month, one can watch more than 50 channels. To watch them for free one can sign up and use the 7-day free trial run period and test their quality and service.

YouTube TV

At $40 per month one will be able to watch more than 50 channels and within those FOX Sports is also included. If one wants to watch the event for free, then there is a 7-day free trial run session which may be taken to test the quality and service of the transmission.

DirecTV Now

This is the AT&T operated online streaming channels, and with this option, one will be able to watch around 65 channels with only $40 per month. Like other online channels if one wants to watch the Supercross for free one may use their 7-day free trial run service which will enable the user to test their service and then if they like they may continue with a subscription or may give up without any penalty. This is one of the best online streaming options.

Sling TV

This is also another free online streaming option because if one wants to watch the race for free one may use the 7-day free trial run package during that session and if the user is satisfied with their service, then they may continue or may give up without paying up any penalty. Sling TV may not be the option as it does not cover the Fox Channel. So in between any choice comes up then this may be helpful.

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue only has a 5-day free trial run, and when this trial run period is over, then they will charge $49.99 for 75 channels. Here with the help of PS Vue, one may get the Fox Sports channels.

Social Media Channels

Happy news for Social media users. Supercross will be available live on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


This is one of the best sites for sharing any video and lot of videos are uploaded in this platform. Previously in this site, one could only watch videos on-demand but not live streaming is possible as far as the streaming viewer is found.


A lot of individuals account or pages will be streaming the Supercross Championship and if one follows them as the event comes closer then live streaming through Facebook becomes more convenient and free.


Twitter has become the most happening place where all type of action happens in real time. This can be the real place to get hold of the live streaming of Supercross. A quick hunt of hashtag follow will allow the Supercross fans to watch the game live in this platform.

More Updates

One should follow the web page of Monster Energy AMA Supercross Page not only for live streaming options but also for other news like the change of schedule if any of the breaking news of each biker. This sports event is one of the BIG Game like other sports of soccer, tennis or NFL.

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